How to Fundraise

  • Since 1974, Chickenshed has modelled the power of its unique approach to target individuals and groups who are often excluded from communities and are less likely to have access to Chickenshed’s pioneering and inclusive methodology.

    In spite of a successful record in theatre spanning 36 years and the generosity of so many who come to see our shows, every year we have a shortfall of £1.6m. Fundraising for Chickenshed means that we can all come together, make new friends, challenge ourselves and most importantly, with your support, continue to touch lives, make a difference and deliver key inclusive messages to build a better society.

    What can be more rewarding than knowing that every penny you raise for Chickenshed will be invested carefully and wisely - and to the maximum benefit of those who need it.

    Our work only exists because of the passion, enthusiasm and belief that people like you have in our Charity.