100 Club

Join our 100 Club for as little as £2 a week (£100 a year) and be in with a chance of winning up to £1,000 every 4 months. Plus, 60% of your annual subscription directly benefits Chickenshed and the work we do.  

Why join the 100 Club?

For as little as £2 a week, you have the chance to win big cash prizes and raise money for Chickenshed at the same time, as 60% of your annual subscription directly benefits us. Chickenshed aims to improve the lives of young people from all backgrounds through theatre and education.

Money raised will help Chickenshed to provide theatrical opportunities for children and young people from any background, race and ability.

‘Chickenshed gives me something amazing in my life, which I can’t quite put into words.’ Children’s Theatre member

How does it work?

By donating £100 during the year, you are assigned a ‘number’ and join other people as a member of Club 1 or Club 2 of the 100 Club.

Three times during the year, we draw four numbers from Club 1 and Club 2. Each winner receives one of four cash prizes. As the process is repeated every four months, each number has 12 chances every year to win!

You can choose to pay your subscription quarterly (£25) or yearly (£100).

Joining is easy! 

Download the leaflet, fill in the form and start winning.