A powerful drama of hope and survival

'At times harrowing and heartbreaking, this poignant verbatim piece about the horrors of domestic abuse is an important piece of unquestionably relevant theatre.

A searingly honest and poignant portrayal of what can all too often be untold stories, Chickenshed presents a powerful representation of the strength and power of survival.' 

Act Drop 5*****

How to Watch

Head to our YouTube channel before 7.30pm on Friday 30 October by clicking on the button below. 'Like and Subscribe' ahead of the screening. The show will begin at 7.30pm on Friday 30 October.

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Then simply head back to our YouTube Channel just before the screening is due to start at 7.30pm, sit back and enjoy the performance. You can head straight to our Channel on YouTube, or click the link below. Once it has premiered, the show will remain on our Channel for everyone to view.


Please Note: this show is recommended for ages 15 years and over

Warning: contains very strong language (spoken and projected) with content and themes which some audiences may find upsetting.

In the Absence of Silence Synopsis

Five women meet on the beach in a seaside town for a picnic lunch. As the day progresses their friendship and shared experiences reveal devastating truths from the hidden corners of their lives - but through their heartache and pain has come an unbreakable bond of strength, love and hope.

This optimistic and powerful drama (co-produced with Creu Cymru and developed with South Gwynedd Domestic Abuse Services) is inspired by interviews conducted with women as part of our outreach project, Survivors. In the Absence of Silence is an honest and poignant portrayal of what can all too often be untold stories, and the life-affirming and positive truth of what is possible when the silence is broken.

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