Jude Tisdall has taught Alexander Technique for almost twenty years, working in the UK, Denmark, Ireland and Nepal. She has been Deputy Principal of a major UK theatre school and is currently on the faculty of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts working with Post Graduate and BA students.

Jude is offering An Introduction to the Alexander Technique, which will be taught via 6 intimate Zoom sessions.

Course dates: 29 Oct, 5 Nov, 12 Nov, 19 Nov, 26 Nov, 3 Dec and 10 Dec

Start: 7pm

Cost: £50 (all proceeds go to Chickenshed's Emergency COVID Relief Fund)

The Alexander Technique teaches the skilful "use of the self": how we move, how we stay still, how we breathe, how we learn, how we organise our awareness and focus of attention and, above all, how we choose our reactions in increasingly demanding situations.

How we stand and walk has a real bearing on our confidence. There are those people who can walk into a room with ease and you just notice them. They have natural poise and bearing. We all have it but sometimes we just don’t use it. The Alexander Technique can help regain this natural poise, balance and co-ordination.

Alexander Technique will help to

  • Improve posture
  • Move with greater ease and freedom
  • Speak with a clear, strong and true voice
  • Be centred, both physically and mentally
  • Boost and improve confidence

Alexander Technique is

  • A practical programme that encourages natural poise and ease
  • Included in the curriculum of music colleges, dance and theatre schools
  • Used by sports people to improve performance
  • Regularly employed as a key tool in business coaching to improve and develop presentation skills

If we can learn how to use ourselves well it follows that we will use ourselves effectively.

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