This year Chickenshed took part in The Big Give, an online fundraising challenge where, for one week only and thanks to match funding from Angle House Foundation and The Childhood Trust, donations given to Chickenshed were DOUBLED, giving a big gift of confidence, belonging, expression, self-belief and empathy to young people.

THANK YOU for helping us
raise over £13,000!

The support my son received from Chickenshed has had a profound effect on his social development and communication skills. He was not speaking at two years old; as a young child his behaviour could be particularly challenging in social situations. Chickenshed has given him the opportunity to express himself and learn to work with others in an extremely supportive and loving environment.

Empathy. Its a big gift.     Self-Belief. it     Belonging. It

You can still give a Big Gift to the thousands of children and young people we work with.  Donate Here

Empathy. It's a big gift.

When children and young people come to Chickenshed, many are lacking in confidence, have low self-esteem, are struggling with insecurity, have difficulty with communication, or find it difficult to form friendships and positive relationships.

Chickenshed breaks down these barriers children and young people can face in their lives through participation in empowering, inclusive performing arts projects.

Confidence. It's a big gift.

For children experiencing disadvantage and disability, taking part in these theatre workshops helps them to develop valuable life skills in things such as communication, teamwork and leadership as well as specific performance skills in movement, music and drama. So confidence grows, self-belief blossoms, empathy emerges, children find new ways to express themselves, and everyone finds a place they can truly belong.

However many children and young people, especially those experiencing disadvantage and disability, are not able to access these life-changing sessions due to the financial barriers they face.

Belonging. It's a big gift.

This year Chickenshed have been selected to take part in The Big Give, an online fundraising challenge which enables all donations given between 28 November and 5 December to be DOUBLED.

We are aiming to raise a total of £12,000 to ensure financial assistance is there for those who would otherwise be unable to access our activities - but we need your help!

Self-belief. It's a big gift.

You can give a big gift of empathy, confidence, self-belief, expression and belonging to hundreds of children and young people. Every £1 donated during the challenge will be doubled in value, meaning for £6000 of donations, we actually receive £12,000, and twice as many lives can be affected.

Expression. It's a big gift.

Your donation will give children and young people the opportunity to overcome the difficulties in their lives and allow them to thrive in a safe, supportive environment, ensuring they're prepared for all the future has in store for them. It truly is a big gift.

Don't forget,you have to give between midday 28 November and 5 December through The Big Give Christmas Challenge, for your donation to be doubled.

Chickenshed. It's a big gift.

Match Funding Provided By Childhood Trust Angle Trust Foundation

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