Chickenshed invites you to join us for a half-day taster workshop for our renowned Diversity and Inclusion professional training.
On this course, delegates will learn:

  • How to communicate in an ‘inclusive’ way; using body and sign language, speech and other forms of communication.
  • How to form constructive, inclusive relationships as well as a positive team environment.
  • Why contributions from a diverse group of individuals is so important, and how they can lead to successful achievements for the whole group.
  • Practical examples (the do’s-and-don’ts!) of effective team working.

This half-day course promises to be engaging, interactive and enjoyable. Delegates are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate throughout.

Date: Monday 29 October
Location: Chickenshed Theatre, Chase Side, Southgate, London, N14 4PE
Tickets: £20pp
Time: 12:30pm - 5pm