Offie WINNER for Best Production for Young People (13+) in 2019

With an engaging and intriguing central narrative, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow combines theatre, new and original music and dance to forge a thought-provoking and fascinating piece that will thrill audiences old and young.

Audience reactions to Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow...

'The show had clearly put its point across but ended on a high without losing the point it had been making.'
'Loved the finale with everyone on stage - exuberant!'
'As always loved the diverse cast, the creativity, originality and high standard.'
'Phenomenal cast! Great narratives and direction.'
'Excellent, inclusive, thought provoking, amazing piece of theatre.'

How to Watch

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Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow Synopsis

"Sheer passion-fuelled performances and well-devised content, this casts' ability to bring forth such light through their inclusive, supportive, empowering nature and mesmerising talent, is nothing less than overwhelming." 5***** Excellent, The Dance Review

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow presents an artist’s view of climate change, through human stories and not through frightening statistics.

In many ways, for most of us in Western society, the effects of climate chance may still seem remote. There is very little passion behind the threats which it poses. But speak to an African villager who has suffered through years of drought and flood; an Antarctic researcher who has witnessed a giant piece of ice slip away into the ocean; or a resident of New Orleans who has seen their beloved city swamped under floodwater, and the devastating future under the sweep of wildly fluctuating climates is here. It is in these areas where small but important steps are being taken to manage our futures and our roles as caretakers to our planet.

By presenting a vision of positive human reactions to climate change, the importance of understanding our connection to the fragile world that sustains us, can give hope and excitement for the future.

Conceived and Directed by Lou Stein

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