Globaleyes - a passionate, emotive and vibrant show - was first performed by Chickenshed in 2002. This reimagined version was staged as our Spring Show in 2013, with a large scale cast. 

‘Superbly presented, energetic choreography, slick lighting and a pumping soundtrack.’ Time Out

‘Globaleyes represents a new generation of political theatre.’ The Independent

‘The energy levels of this multi-talented cast are phenomenal.’ The Evening Standard

‘A memorable and striking show, with energy, invention and a creative process that is a living example of the passionate commitment to equality, inclusion and mutual respect’.’ Joyce McMillan - The Scotsman

'Globaleyes is the bravest piece of dance theatre I have ever seen. It was riveting and tense... the audience were frozen in their seats, agape with awe'. Dame Anita Roddick

How to Watch

Head to our YouTube channel before 7.30pm on Friday 25 September by clicking on the button below. 'Like and Subscribe' ahead of the screening. The show will begin at 7.30pm on Friday 25 September.

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Then simply head back to our YouTube Channel just before the screening is due to start at 7.30pm, sit back and enjoy the performance. You can head straight to our Channel on YouTube, or click the link below. Once it has premiered, the show will remain on our Channel for everyone to view.


Globaleyes Synopsis

This contemporary piece of physical theatre deals with issues around globalisation, taking the subjects of the abuse of human rights, poverty, slave labour and the exploitation of power and environmental problems and encouraging us to reconsider the importance of community in today’s ever changing world.

Performed by Chickenshed’s then company members who were joined on stage by 200 Chickenshed students aged 16+, and members of Chickenshed’s adult theatre group, the story weaves a tale of unerring passion for the beauty of life against the cheapening value that society can put on it. The themes within the play still resonate today, some 18 years after it was first performed.

Globaleyes received huge acclaim from national press and a glowing review from Anita Roddick from The Body Shop Foundation when it was first performed in 2002 at both Chickenshed’s own theatre and The Royal Opera House’s Linbury Studio, and subsequently in Edinburgh in 2005.

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