Musical Theatre Marathon – A Chickenshed Fundraiser with Special Guests

Ever wanted to be up there yourself? The smell of the grease paint, the roar of the crowd, and your name up in lights? Now is your chance! Come and join us on stage and experience what it feels like to be in a big musical theatre number.

This fun and exhilarating afternoon will centre around re-creating a stage hit from a musical- you will experience the camaraderie of being in an ensemble cast whilst being directed through character workshops and then on to staging and choreographing the final song.

Alongside you all the way will be seasoned performers giving you tips and guiding you through the rehearsal process.

To finish the day off in style we will add costumes, lights and props and then share the finished song with your friends and family in the Rayne Theatre.

Not only will you be fundraising for Chickenshed by taking part, but you will also experience the creative processes behind Chickenshed’s inclusive approach to theatre making- first hand.

The Day:

12.30pm: Arrive for registration

1-2pm: Warm ups and introduction to song

2-5pm: Rehearsals

5-6pm: Performance and fundraising activities (public)

6-7pm: Bar open to celebrate

Price: £25

Ages: 18+