Hippana Theatre Company presents… Shine

Your daughter is missing. You are the only one who has not given up the search. You hear voices. They guide you. They also haunt you. Will you surrender to them? Or will you shine?

Hippana Theatre invites you to the distant recesses of the mind to meet the stranger that is yourself. How much do we know about ourselves? Is it safe to believe that we are not one person, but many?

Shine is an immersive psychological thriller that blurs the senses and tricks the mind into feeling what might not be there.

Ticket Information

Dates: 16, 17 May

Tickets: £12.50

Time: 9pm (50 mins)

Ages: 15+

Please note: This show contains disturbing imagery and soundscapes, with scenes of violence and adult language. There are flashing lights. Latecomers will not be admitted.

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