Come and join Chickenshed Kensington & Chelsea's large, diverse Children’s Theatre and be part of this new production - happening at the Lyric Hammersmith in July!

We are currently inviting 7-11 year old children to join the cast for this show. It is an opportunity to participate in creating the show, as well as performing in it. In an inclusive space, the experience will develop participants theatre skills, whilst allowing them to take the reins in every step of developing the production.

Rehearsal Information: Every Tuesday, commencing Tue 23 Apr, (term-time), 5pm - 6,30pm

Dress Rehearsal: Mon 8 Jul

Rehearsal Venue: Wharf Rooms, Imperial Road, London SW6 2EP

Cost: £85 (subsided places available)

For details on how to join and be part of this production please contact us: | email [email protected] | tel 020 7351 9298

The Story of Stories

What would happen if the world ran out of stories? The colours of the world would fade away, the clocks would slow down and the memories would get blurred. For what is a world without stories? It’s a world with no past, present or future. A world of no imagination and creativity. Just like two mirrors facing each other, a world with no stories is endless danger. And that’s where our story begins. A story about how the children of the world took it upon themselves to go on the quest to bring back stories...

The Story of Stories is a tale about the power of stories, and how important it is to share them. A story is what makes our identity, culture, history and what connects us together. Using music, movement and physical theatre, Chickenshed Kensington and Chelsea’s Children’s Theatre will present this powerful entertaining and provoking piece this coming July.

Performance Information 

Date: 9 - 10 Jul

Venue: Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King Street, London W6 0QL