Mishka Adams and Beto Caletti plus Frater & Taylor - World Connections Night.

The music of vocalist/multi instrumentalist Mishka Adams and guitarist Beto Caletti has its roots firmly in South America’s Afro-Latin rhythmic traditions. Their beautiful acoustic sound embraces the African influenced Baião of north-eastern Brazil, through the jazzy harmonies of samba and bossa nova from Rio, fused with earthy beats of Uruguayan candombe & dance rhythms of the chacarera and milonga of Argentina.

“Bringing together Argentinian and Brazilian music with a singersongwriter’s personal touch and superb musicianship.”
- London Jazz News ★★★★★

Scottish born vocalist/songwriter Josie Frater and drummer/composer Steve Taylor unite Brazilian, Jazz, Pop and world-beats in an adventurous world-jazz excursion. Their thrilling jazz-fusion group has performed at London Jazz Festival, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Jazz FM & BBC Radio 2.

“Superb, captivating” - Time Out ★★★★★

Time: 9.15pm (2 hrs)

Cost: £17