Volunteering Story of the Month - Anna Landi

I’ve been a volunteer at Chickenshed Kensington & Chelsea since 2012. I had just left my job as a Modern Foreign Language teacher and I was back at university exploring the field of Applied Theatre. It was a new adventure, but also a journey into the unknown so I can't deny that I was a little scared!

My initial experience at Chickenshed gave me lots of courage. The day I joined my first Children’s Theatre session, I remember one of the workshop leaders saying, “You’ve done really well, Anna!” That gave me such a boost. I thought, “Wow! Someone bothered to tell me they had noticed my efforts and that they were good.” That was my very first “welcome to the family”.

Since then, I have had ample proof of the amazing philosophy, the encouragement, calm and positive attitude, creative flair and community spirit that shape Chickenshed’s identity. (I’m such a fan that I scattered Chickenshed postcards all over the guests’ table at my wedding and spoke about our donation in the little scrolls attached to the wedding favours!)

At Chickenshed I’ve helped as a group assistant, one-to-one and as a group leader for both Children’s Theatre and Youth Theatre sessions. I have also performed in The Mariners Rest (best show ever!), What Some People Do and I also supported the production Does It Make Sense. 

The people at Chickenshed have taught me to trust children and their creativity and that a world where everyone is included is the right one. At Chickenshed, I have grown as an arts practitioner and as a person. I am also thankful that I have been given the opportunity to use my creative writing skills to help write Battery Life and The Indispensable Hero. I’ve often said that I consider Chickenshed my second family. I truly believe that.