Over the last year, Chickenshed’s Youth Theatre members have been on a journey of creating original work that speaks of their experience of the world and tackles challenging and universal topics. Our dynamic, talented and ever-evolving group has taken on this task and process with inspiring commitment and enthusiasm. That commitment takes many forms- contributing music, script, structural ideas, research, conversation and direction all the way to giving considered and energised performances. Many of our young people have led on the creative processes, shaping the future of Chickenshed’s Youth Theatre and their approach within the company's core work. What do they hope for? What does an ideal world look like to them? How can Chickenshed be a part of making that a reality?

The Overview Effect ties neatly into this, posing the question of what is essential to living a significant life; shining a light on the way in which young people, transitioning into adulthood, interact with and perceive the world around them. Unforgettable, takes us on a journey to try and capture the essence of memory and, with that, the fragility of human spirit and identity. The Youth Theatre have approached both topics with sensitivity- sharing their own experiences in creative forums and breathing life into the subjects to generate two productions, that present a genuine reflection of young people’s realities. Finally, there is Maybe. - a project that has been completely self-led, written and directed by the group. We are really excited to see what they have created.

The Youth Theatre are a representation of Chickenshed’s diversity and inclusion; brimming with authenticity and uninhibited truthfulness. The festival is sure to be a brilliant showcase of this- at time when the power and significance of the voices of young people is more prominent than ever.