Alicia Barbe is a member of Chickenshed’s Youth Theatre, and as part of our Young Creator Trainee initiative, she has been developing exciting youth-led content. Take a look at Alicia’s thoughts on the making of her brilliant Youth Theatre film.

''Being a Youth Theatre member and being given the opportunity to capture our 2017 Youth Theatre Festival felt both exciting and scary. Exciting, because the Youth Theatre here at Chickenshed is something I love and something I am passionately and avidly involved in and scary as I felt that I had to do the Youth Theatre justice, for all its 250 members.

The aim for this film was to collate all the hard work put in by the members over the 4 month tour, showing just how powerful theatre made by the youth can be. It was not hard to find such poignant and beautiful moments created by the Youth Theatre to capture and use, as the commitment to make the shows as interesting and thought-provoking meant that the members threw themselves into the task of creating physical and vocal theatre.

I also aimed to show different views from the members themselves of what the Youth Theatre meant to them, why they dedicated their time to attending every week and how they feel about being a part of such a diverse company.

It became apparent that everyone ended up sharing the same views, even when given the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about Chickenshed! The view was that Chickenshed’s Youth Theatre gives the youth a voice and gives a creative, open, free, non-judgemental, safe place that we, the youth, value most.

From carrying out this project, I learnt just how much of an impact the Youth Theatre has on its members, which made me want to get that across more in the film. I hope it not only encourages more people to sign up and attend Chickenshed but that it shows the members’ dedication and passion to a place that evidently is important to them all.''

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