Theatre Changing Lives

We champion difference through inclusion, to enrich lives and transform our world. Read more

Our Mission and Vision

Chickenshed is a pioneering and inclusive company that makes beautiful and inspirational theatre. We bring together people of all ages and from all backgrounds to produce outstanding theatre that entertains, inspires, challenges and informs both audiences and participants alike. Read more

What is Inclusive Theatre?

We want to break down the barriers between people, and create a world without labels and where differences no longer divide. We bring people together who would otherwise never meet, never get to know each other. Read more


In 1974, musician and composer Jo Collins met teacher and director Mary Ward. Sharing a belief that everyone should be able to perform and create, they set up a theatre company. Read more

We Are Chickenshed

Chickenshed is an amazing organisation, which for 45 years has been built upon the stories of the thousands and thousands of people who count themselves part of our community. These short films shine a light on just a few of these individuals, and serve to highlight how Chickenshed stands for one unique proposition – that we can all choose to create a better world where everyone is welcome and everyone is included. Read more