Bespoke Workshops

With a creative in-house team, we are pleased to be able to work with organisations to create workshops tailored to their needs.

We are able to create a workshop tailored to a specific performance. Coming to see a performance at Chickenshed can be an inspiring experience, igniting and stimulating a deeper understanding of the subject matter explored in the piece. Our Outreach team are able to deliver accompanying workshop to further this exploration. 

Where there is a desire to explore a specific themes or issues, we are able to create bespoke workshops delivered as a one-off session or through a series of workshops. This option requires reasonable notice. 

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Examples of our Workshops

Chickenshed/Barts Health partnership – an on-going project working with young patients on building their self esteem

This workshops was created for children with long term health conditions. During the workshops, the participants share their ideas on 'hero qualities' and ways in which heroes help the world. Over the course of around two hours, we help them to create a presentation based on what they see as their natural 'powers' or abilities which they can use to overcome the problems in their lives. Later in the day we present their ideas to the parents and carers. The children and their parents then receive an award from Barts in a Ceremony at the end of the day. The purpose is to inspire self-confidence and encourage them to talk about their problems and illness, developing the confidence to overcome them.