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Whilst we can't share our stories with you in person at your local Community Centre, the team at Chickenshed Kensington and Chelsea didn't want you to miss out on anything.

Watch our introductory video to find out how we can still share the magic and stories from A Box Full of Tales with you at home.

Each week, we will upload new content for you to engage with and enjoy.

Rumperty tumperty tump, WHOOSHH!

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Week 2 | A Box Full of Tales 'LIVE'

This week we went on a journey to find the pirates 'treasure'!

Week 1 | A Box Full of Tales 'LIVE'

Join us for our first livestream! Meet some confused pirates and sing along to songs you know.

Week 13 | Green Guy in Space

Join us in Space for some familiar songs!

Week 12 | Finn the Fish

Dive under the sea with Chelsea, to meet Finn and his friends!

Week 11 | Funky Monkey

Meet Funky - the best dancer in the jungle - and join in with our songs this week!

Week 10 | Henry Hog and the Bevy of Swans

Listen here to Chapter Two of the podcast - what will Henry do next? Then join us for the last couple of songs this term!


Week 9 | Henry Hog and the Bevy of Swans

Listen to Chapter 1 of the podcast below! Join in with the activities by opening the Story Pack.

Join in with the activities by opening the Story Pack.

Week 8 | Join in, follow the clues, and get creative with another adventure, this time, under the sea!

Week 7 | Click the links below to follow the actions and sing along with our favourite songs! 

Half Term Week - Henry Hog and the Woodland Cup Activity

Open the Activity Pack to meet the woodland characters! You can print off the pack or do these activities on the screen.

Download Activity Pack

Week Five | Henry Hog and the Woodland Cup

Listen to our story 'Henry Hog and the Woodland Cup'. Then follow the actions to our Good Morning song, 'I Stretch' and 'The Shaker Song'.


Week Four | Rainbow Colours 

Sing and sign the colours of the rainbow and join us for our Good Morning song!

Week Three | Making a Box Full of Tales 

Join us for our Good Morning song and travel to space with our Box Full of Tales...

Week Two | Henry Hog and his Midnight Shuffle

Listen to Part Two - 'Henry Hog and his Midnight Shuffle'

Listen Here

Follow the Story and Actions!

Download Story Pack Here

Play Forest Bingo!

Download Forest Bingo Here

Week One | Henry Hog and his Morning Shuffle

Listen to Part One - 'Henry Hog and his Morning Snuffle'

Listen Here

Follow the story and join in with our songs!

Download Story Pack Here

...stay tuned for more!


Join us for some fun at Tales TV - lots of episodes available to view NOW! Sing, dance, learn sign language and have lots of fun with Blurgh and his friends.