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Connections  by Linda Foley

Just one of nine pieces combined to form monolog 3, our new selection of fresh writing from within the Chickenshed community. Showing at Chickenshed from 11 to 22 February.

We all need a family, whether genetic or found. 

Throughout our lives we constantly make connections with others, from that first maternal bond to the wider family and beyond. Many of us are lucky and have strong connections to sustain us throughout our lives; for others, this search can take years. Some connections last forever, others fade and some we lose through choice or circumstance. Wanting to connect with others is an essential part of what makes us human. As we grow up we often move away from family either geographically or emotionally. We then rely on friends and lovers to fill that gap and help us navigate our complex lives.    

Many of us find the proximity of others disconcerting, an infringement, an invasion of our space and time. What do we need strangers for when we can connect and disconnect to others via our virtual online world. If we are constantly looking down when we should be looking up then we are missing out on all that life has to offer, the funny, the strange, the engaging. Our lives intersect in so many ways, but it is how we choose to respond to life’s prompts that can open up or close down our options. 

Connections follow a young woman's train of thought on a journey home as she's joined by a variety of fellow passengers. These conversations are revealing, not only for what is said, but for what is left unsaid. A bitter sweet exploration of what it feels like to be left behind. 

Performed by Chloe Stevenson | Directed by Sarah Connolly