Dare to Dance


Dare to Dance is a fun new online dance challenge, created by Chickenshed's Michael and Bethany. It's an exciting chance for you to dance and help all of us #KeepChickenshedSafe.


How can I get involved?

So, you have either been nominated by a friend OR you've accepted our challenge! Here's how to DARE TO DANCE!

Doing the challenge on FACEBOOK? You can copy and paste our text template below:

Dare to Dance to raise emergency funds for Chickenshed!

Thanks *insert name* for my Dance Dare! Here’s a video of my #DaretoDance challenge

Today I am nominating *insert name* and their Dance Dare is to dance at a *insert location here*

The rules are simple:

  1. Dance! Record and post a video of yourself completing your Dance Dare
  2. Dare! Copy and paste all of this and tag a friend with their Dance Dare (make sure to get creative with COVID safe Dance Dare locations)
  3. Donate! #KeepChickenshedSafe and donate to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dare2dancecs

Dance, Dare, Donate!

Doing the challenge on INSTAGRAM? Download our Instagram story template below:


We can't wait to see your dances!