Space Between Us Reunion

After over a year apart, the time has arrived to celebrate the strength of our community, by joining once again face to face at our beloved Chickenshed Theatre.

The Space Between Us Programme will be hosting this evening event, bringing together old friends, new friends and all those familiar faces we have seen through zoom over the year.

We hope to bring back together our original Space Between Us group, our Something Changed cast, and our new Living Letters writers, (many of whom have never been to Chickenshed at all).

Rachel will be here to welcome you into our cafe bar at 6pm, and from there will be leading you on into a Space Between Us reunion workshop in our theatre space. 

As an extra treat at 7.30pm, Rachel is inviting you to join her and stay on for an evening of music and Space Between Us memories as part of the Jo Collins & Friends event. 

We would like to offer you this evening event at a discount price of £6. There will be music, dancing and a bar serving drinks and snacks. These nights are always great fun, with open mic spots, and you might just know a couple of the guest artists too. 

Book for Jo Collins

Use code JOCSBU03 when booking if you fancy sticking around into the evening for some lovely live music!


Date: Sun 3 Oct

6pm: Arrive at Chickenshed bar for a welcome, with time for a quick catch up.
6.30pm: A reunion Space Between Us workshop- join in with what you want, no pressure, just time to be together creatively.
7.30pm: Join Rachel in the bar for a reunion cheers and an evening of music and memories.

The bar will be open all evening to buy drinks. All proceeds go Chickenshed.

We want to make our reunion night accessible for everyone, so we are not charging for this event, but we would be delighted if you wanted to make a donation when you reserve your place (below).