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Music and Theatre Two Day Summer School

Music and Theatre Summer School

About the Summer School

Working with director Rachel Yates, and Composer and writer Dave Carey you will be exploring theatrical genres such as Musical theatre, Dance and song, developing soundscapes for theatre, and devising ensemble staging with music.

A fun and accessible two day intensive, on 22 and 23 August, with many options to make music or be part of the performance element of the activities.

No experience required, just an open attitude to learn something new. Contact Rachel Yates for more information.

The Space Between Us

A transformative arts programme that unites people of all ages, inviting them to explore, celebrate, and bridge the gaps that divide us.

performance by the Space Between Us with man in centre looking out and an intergenerational mix of participants

What is Space Between Us?

Originating from a desire to create communities through the art of theatre, this approach was introduced as a pilot in 2017. It inspires individuals to share their personal stories and experiences within a safe and encouraging environment.

Through emotive and thought-provoking performances, we prompt society to reflect upon the 'Space Between Us' and the positive impact the community can have on social cohesion and mental well-being.


You can find all info on access at Chickenshed here.

If you're coming to an event and have specific access requirements, we would advise you to contact us in advance so that we can make sure your needs are catered for.

Email us here!

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Thursday 22 August 2024

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