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What Kind of World

What kind of world

When a group of children discover all the adults have gone they quickly realise they need to survive on their own. 

What kind of world will they build for themselves and who will lead them? By day they create the rules and begin working out what to do next; by night, they are haunted by nightmares of a mysterious beast. Forgotten by society, it isn't long before their childhood games turn into a battle for their future…


The work of the Young Company is always youth led and always developing, and our young people want as wide an audience as possible to come and see their work, so tickets for their performances are priced as Pay What You Want. 

Tickets start from £4. If you want to pay over the suggested price, please feel free to do so. If, after you've seen the piece, you want to pay more please see our front of house team who will direct you to a pay point to make a donation to Chickenshed

What is the Young company?

The Young Company is an inclusive and dynamic initiative dedicated to nurturing the creative potential of young individuals through the performing arts. Led by passionate directors and supported by creative teams, mentors, and facilitators, it offers a vibrant platform where members from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow. 

Through a blend of workshops, performances, and collaborative projects, the program fosters personal and artistic development while instilling a sense of ownership and pride in each participant. With a focus on youth leadership and guidance, the Young Company ensures that every voice is heard and valued, creating a space for exploration, discovery, and personal growth. 

Ultimately, it serves as a community and catalyst for change, empowering young people to shine both on stage and in their lives beyond.

Young company

Chickenshed’s Young Company is a place for every individual to flourish.

young company group on stage

"It’s a place that feels like home, where the four walls are the essence that continues to rejuvenate and evolve."

Maya Neilsen, former YC Member


You can find all info on access at Chickenshed here.

If you're coming to an event and have specific access requirements, we would advise you to contact us in advance so that we can make sure your needs are catered for.

Times & Tickets for What Kind of World

Saturday 18 May 2024

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Thursday 23 May 2024

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