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About commissioning a project

We  develop workshops customised specifically for particular performances. 

Attending a Chickenshed production is not just a passive experience; it ignites a surge of inspiration, sparking a profound understanding of the themes explored on stage. To amplify this energy, our Outreach team conducts dynamic workshops that dive deeper into these themes. 

When there is a desire to explore specific themes or pressing issues, we excel at designing bespoke workshops. These workshops can be delivered as impactful standalone sessions or as an exhilarating series, propelling participants on an engaging journey. 

Please keep in mind that this option requires ample notice to ensure preparation and execution.

Please pass on our deepest thanks to the cast involved in yesterday's tear-jerking, poignant performance during the launch of the "Inclusion Emergency". It was a fitting end to our conference. For now though, do pass on our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the cast. They were simply brilliant.

Paul Miller - Professor of Educational Leadership & Social Justice Director, Institute for Educational & Social Equity

Examples of our Workshops

Chickenshed/Barts Health Partnership: Empowering Young Patients to Build Self-Esteem

The Chickenshed/Barts Health Partnership is an ongoing project dedicated to working with young patients and supporting them in building their self-esteem. This transformative workshop was specifically created for children with long-term health conditions, providing them with a platform to express their ideas and develop their inner strength.

During these engaging workshops, participants are encouraged to explore and share their perspectives on 'hero qualities' and the ways in which heroes contribute to the world. Over the course of approximately two hours, our dedicated team assists them in crafting a unique presentation based on their natural 'powers' or abilities, empowering them to overcome the challenges they face in their lives.

At the end of the workshop day, the participants' ideas are showcased to their parents and carers in a special presentation. This pervades as a remarkable opportunity for the children and their families to witness the incredible progress they have. To honour their achievements, Barts Health presents the children and their parents with a well-deserved award during a meaningful ceremony.

The primary purpose of this initiative is to inspire self-confidence and create an open space for participants to discuss their problems and illnesses. By encouraging dialogue and fostering a supportive environment, we aim to empower these young individuals to develop the resilience needed to overcome their obstacles.

Booking a project

To immerse yourself in the world of our brave and beautiful workshops or to kickstart a collaboration, don't hesitate to reach out to find out more.

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