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“The excellence of the performance, coupled with the quality of the workshop helped the children to contemplate these really difficult issues in a safe, interactive and engaging environment.”

Teacher from London Borough of Tower Hamlets

How it all started

Following the three tragic deaths of teenagers associated with Chickenshed, the company embarked on producing a piece of theatre that could be used as a positive tool in the fight against the savagery of knife crime and gang violence. One of the teenagers was Shaquille Smith who at 14 years of age was the youngest child to die as a result of knife crime in the UK in 2008. Both Shaquille's cousins, Daniel Banton and Jojo Morrall, became personally involved in the performance of the piece.

Performance and Workshops

Crime of the Century is a hard-hitting, raw piece of theatre which explores the issues surrounding gang violence. Using words and movement alongside a contemporary score of hip-hop and dance music, the performance packs a frightening punch and acts as a positive tool in the fight against the savagery of knife crime.

The Crime of the Century team is not only skilled in the production itself but also trained to deliver workshops that sensitively explore the central themes of the performance. 

These themes include:

The experiences of victims and perpetrators:

Gain insight into the lives of those affected by crime, providing a deeper understanding of their struggles, challenges, and paths to recovery.

The reality of gangs:

Delves into the harsh realities faced by individuals involved in gang culture, including the ripple effect it has on their loved ones.

Causes and effects of individual actions:

Explore the complex factors that contribute to the choices individuals make, considering both the reasons behind their actions and the far-reaching consequences.

Performance techniques employed:

Discover the artistry and techniques utilized in the performance to portray these thought-provoking stories, including powerful staging, compelling narratives, and immersive performances.

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