Chickenshed's Chelsea & Westminster Project is an interactive and portable children’s show that uses puppets, music and sensory elements that can be taken into children’s centres, schools, nurseries and hospitals. For children fighting an ailment or those who are visiting their loved ones, The Hospital Project is a welcome, entertaining and stimulating diversion that can be performed right by their bedside.

Participants benefit from opportunities and emotions that frequently get lost in a hospital, including personal choice, teamwork and a sense of pride and achievement. Sessions are designed to help paediatric patients and their siblings to engage and play together, and help to normalise the hospital environment. At Chickenshed, our inclusive model means that we are used to working with a mixed group of children including those with disabilities and health complications, alongside healthy children, so we have a lot of experience in dealing with precisely this situation. Our workshops give participants and their families a respite from their illness and remind them that their ailment does not define them; they are children first and patients second.