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I Am a Shield  by Sebastian Ross

Just one of nine pieces combined to form monolog 3, our new selection of fresh writing from within the Chickenshed community. Showing at Chickenshed from 11 to 22 February.

'I Am a Shield' asks the age old question... are other people just not understanding your jokes or are you just an asshole. Our main character is an aspiring writer; self proclaimed comic genius; self proclaimed regular genius and, of course, a terrible, terrible person. However as time goes on she begins to learn more about how to be decent, through harsh events she figures out that she’s the issue. And eventually she tries to fix it. It’s tale of bad jokes, terrible deeds, bullying and frustration from both the narrator and those around her. A fall from grace from a position of self proclaimed superiority to a realisation that they’re being unpleasant and driving everybody away.

Performed by Sabina Bisset | Directed by Ashley Driver & Sebastian Ross