What is Inclusive Theatre?

Chickenshed is based on a belief that everyone can flourish when everyone is included.

Creative activities and self-expression can so often seem off-limits to many people – and this includes within the world of theatre. We want to break down the barriers between people, and create a world without labels and where differences no longer divide. We bring people together who would otherwise never meet, never get to know each other.

At Chickenshed, support is given to those who need it, and given by those who can – and we recognise that everyone will both give and require support. Everyone can give support and everyone can receive support as they need it.

At Chickenshed everyone is welcome, everyone is valued, because everyone is included. And together everyone can create something remarkable - whether there is an audience to see it or not.

And because this is not how the world usually works, you might not know that you are seeing ‘everyone’ – because you might not be used to seeing it. Our aim is that if you come into a workshop, a lesson or watch one of our large-scale performances, then you will feel welcome, and recognise someone just like you in the room or on the stage.

This sense of the power of inclusion is behind everything we do at Chickenshed. By creating our own unique and inclusive environment, and incredible theatre that challenges and inspires, we aim to help create a more inclusive society.

We know that when everyone is included, amazing things happen.

What is inclusion?