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During recent times we have appreciated connection more than ever, the value of a conversation and human interaction has become more important as time has passed. For many of us this regular communication is not as often as we would like and we are missing meeting people. 

Chickenshed has been reacting to these challenging times with a new initiative. Living Letters is a project that connects people, and in doing so aims to improve communication and develop intergenerational friendships. Responding to the pandemic Chickenshed's Young Company, aged from 18-21, expressed a wish to connect with senior members of our community. Understanding their own loneliness from recent lockdowns, they were aware that others might find themselves also alone. So we set about joining people together through letter writing.

We are all experiencing change in our lives - no matter what age we are - and it's good to share these experiences with each other.

Would you like to participate? Or do you know someone who you think would benefit from some extra correspondence each week during this time?

If you do, the only thing we ask is that you/they have access to email. We will guide you/them through the whole process and give plenty of support. There is no charge to be involved.

Living Letters - How Does It Work?

The participants are gently guided through a four week on-line programme of correspondence, where they are paired with a writing partner from Chickenshed’s Young Company. The couples are encouraged, through letter writing, to reflect on life, share histories and swap stories with the aim that through this unveiling process, human connections are made and friendships are formed.

At the end of the four week process the pairs are brought together to finally meet in a virtual ‘zoom’ chatroom, they are then invited to join our social network where they can continue meeting people and interact daily with our Space Between Us community.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can watch this short film that helps illustrate the project and process further:

If you would like to nominate yourself, click below to fill out our quick online form.

Online Form

If you are nominating someone else, please follow these steps:

  • Contact your ‘person’, explain the process outlined above and share the film that illustrates it.
  • If they are interested, fill out the online form on their behalf.
  • We will then contact them as soon as possible, answering any further questions and lead them through the process.

Together we can help fill the space between us.