Going the extra mile 26.2 miles for Chickenshed

Natalia and Enza both have a long standing relationship with Chickenshed. Natalia is part of Chickenshed’s Artistic Team and Enza has children who participate in our membership. Last September, they decided to take on the mammoth challenge of running the London Marathon in aid of Chickenshed.

They were both relatively new to running and so were both extremely nervous at the prospect of running a whopping 26.2 miles, but the ladies embraced the experience and were soon dedicated runners committed to their training programme. It didn’t matter that when it rained it poured; Natalia and Enza persevered and never hit the snooze button when it came to the 6 o’clock morning alarm.

What was even more impressive than the pair’s devotion to their training regime, was the equal focus that they gave to reach their fundraising target. Natalia and Enza put in a huge amount of effort to raise funds. They did a number of things including putting on a fundraising quiz night on at their local pub as well as hosting a raffle, sourcing all of the prizes themselves.

When the day came Natalia and Enza were nervous but determined, and after 7 demanding hours their dedication most certainly paid off. Not only did they tick something as incredible as running a marathon off their bucket list, they also provided 3 young people the chance of a formal education by raising an astonishing £5354.30.