Navigating the Twilight - A Crepuscular Rainbow laboratory workshop

Navigating the twilight is an innovative way of providing thought-provoking training to professionals who care for people affected by dementia.  This three hour workshop combines active engagement and reflective sessions. The course is led by our experienced course leader and assisted by a team of inclusive Chickenshed practitioners. You will also have the opportunity to work alongside our students who have a range of different backgrounds and abilities. 

Each workshop will evolve depending on the participants’ drive to explore certain aspects of the learning; however it will involve core aspects such as:

  • Auto creation - This part of the workshop investigates the use of improvisation and body language to support some of the challenges associated in human communications.
  • Acted real life situations - This part of the workshop includes role play to demonstrate the relationship between the patient and caregiver.
  • The Crepuscular Rainbow - Participants learn a song, once learnt, the song and signs are repeated and elements taken out. This is a reflective section on the experience of learning new things, but also on the effect on set structures as elements are taken away.

Delivery Aims:

The overall aim of these workshops is to increase the understanding and confidence of participants to ultimately give people, (both patients and carers), a better experience of care:

  • To provide participants with additional tools to consider when communicating with people affected by dementia.
  • To enable participants to develop a more flexible and person-centered way of communicating.

Delivery Outcomes:

As a result of the workshops, participants will gain:

  • Increased ability to choose appropriate tools enabling better use of body language to aid calm communication.
  • Increased insight into the challenges associated with dementia in a practical sense.
  • Increased opportunities to work in a team, exploring the divide in the power structure between the giver and receiver of care.
  • Increased motivation in the belief that everyone can make real-time positive changes within the dementia spectrum.
  • Improved confidence in caring for people with a dementia diagnosis.

Delivery Output

A bespoke workshop(s) which combines active engagement and reflective sessions.

What do past participants say?

"I’m less likely to be unaware of my body language with patients’."

"These exercises are an eye opener and very educative would like to attend the workshop more often."

"I think my understanding and knowledge has been improved"

"The overall session was very interactive and highlighting the impact of the dementia on people’s well-being."

"The training was wonderful. Enjoyed a lot learned and built more knowledge regarding people with dementia and how it really feels."

"I enjoyed this training 100% - it’s a very interactive programme. Fab day."

"I could have spent the full day attending this workshop.  I have made new friends and met some extraordinary people.  All the activities were fun/ good to engage and feel them."

"The activities today show me what I was doing wrong with dementia patients."

"I’m more likely feel confident in my approach."

Pricing and Structure

This workshop runs for three hours at our in-house theatre or at a venue of your choice.

Contact details

For more details on the layout of the workshop, pricing or to book please e-mail Alison on [email protected]