100% Chance of Reflection 

During the past two years, Chickenshed's Spring Shows have been tackling sensitive and topical issues which have an urgency about them. This year, with 100% Chance of Rain, we tackle one of the most urgent and pervasive issues of our time: mental health amongst young people. When our Company first discussed why we might think about mental health as a springboard for performance, it became clear that it was an area that our students and Young Company wanted to engage with. Removing the stigma of talking about it through the safety of theatre performance was the unanimous goal. 

Theatre is not only a means of expression, but is also a jumping off point for important conversation. We want people to continue talking about and acting on the issues we explore in our productions. Throughout the performance of 100% Chance of Rain, you are in the safe and experienced hands of Liz Abulafia, an imagined "expressive" arts therapist. We are encouraging our audiences to engage with the issues that Liz brings up in the show on Twitter by using the hashtag #LizAbulafia, because the conversation around mental health and wellbeing should not end when the show does.

Share your thoughts on mental wellbeing: #LizAbulafia

Share your thoughts on the show: #CS100Chance