Chickenshed have been proud to work with Amnesty over the last few years, bringing to life two of their previous children’s books - We Are All Born Free and Dreams of Freedom. Together we have been using stories and drama to empower children to explore deep, thoughtful and open-minded ideas about freedom. Our two year Dreams of Freedom project saw Chickenshed and Amnesty delivering workshops to over a thousand children, enabling them to explore what freedom means and allowing them to express their own ideas for a better future. Together we gathered thoughts, opinions, ideas and dreams to create a musical, theatrical and visual spectacular which 600 children performed together at The Royal Albert Hall on 26 June 2017.

Amnesty International and Yoko Ono Lennon have now come together to produce the first picture book set to John Lennon’s song Imagine. The book tells the story of a pigeon who is welcoming to all birds, no matter what shape of beak or colour feathers they have – a story that beautifully resonates with Chickenshed’s ethos of a world for everyone. Pictures in the book are by renowned French illustrator Jean Jullien.

By publishing the words in a children’s book, Amnesty and Yoko Ono hope to inspire future generations to imagine our world full of freedom, equality and peace.

Imagine. Together we can make peace happen. Then the world truly will live as one.

Yoko Ono Lennon, Foreword to Imagine

Chickenshed is delighted therefore to be appearing on Good Morning Britain on Thursday 21 December, performing carols and singing this iconic song as we share in the dream of a world where every voice is valued and every person finds a place to belong. Children from Chickenshed will be singing at approximately 7.15am, 7.45am and 8.15am, although with live tv all timings are subject to change.

We Are All Born Free, Dreams of Freedom and Imagine give us a wonderfully life-affirming glimpse of a world that could be – if only we are ready to listen and dare to dream!