Chickenshed's BA students have spent the past few months devising three productions that each address important social issues. They are putting on these shows in community/arts venues including The Lyric Hammersmith and schools across London and beyond, raising awareness about the subject matters, and encouraging people to think differently.

If you would like to attend one of the shows at the Lyric, please e-mail us using the link below.

Tues 27 March 12-2pm - Look Up, Crime of the Century*

Wed 28 March 12-2pm - Guilty, Scratch the Surface


There will be an opportunity to see these productions at the Millfield Theatre and Dugdale Centre this Summer. Dates will be confirmed soon.

The Shows


We're all guilty. Every single one of us. Our mistakes could be the end of the world as we know it. We need to take action and ensure change. "They say ignorance is bliss. But now it's time to stop being ignorant. Open your eyes and realise it's not as blissful as you may think."

Throughout this journey you'll not only learn something new but you'll also learn the reason for mankind's guilt. Will you change your ways to help change the world? Or will you continue with your ignorance until there is nothing left? We're all guilty. Every single one of us. But ask yourself. Are you guilty?

Scratch the Surface

‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid’ - Albert Einstein

Do you find it hard to listen and learn when you're in school?  Do you feel like you're not as clear as everyone else around you? Based on personal experiences at school, Scratch the Surface looks at creating awareness that you can look at things in life in a multitude of different ways, including the way you learn and how you can survive a system designed for a specific niche of people. 

Don't push aside or generalise, take the time to listen and empathise. There's more to read between the lines, to judge a book by its cover hides the stories inside.

Look up

It sounds crazy but looking down for one second can lose you a lifetime of moments, a lifetime of ‘one seconds’. This device that we use is our other half!  With our dependency on technology, are the devices we have truly necessary or something we take advantage of, or are we the ones being taken advantage of? 

Has our dependency on the world most addictive drug gone too far? Can these students come together to find why we're all addicted to these tiny devices? Will you be next or will you decide to just look up?

*Crime of the Century

Featuring several of our students, Crime of the Century is a currently touring, hard-hitting piece of original theatre created by Chickenshed to explore the issues surrounding gang violence.

Find out more about our courses and how you could also perform in these venues by studying at Chickenshed.

Chickenshed is proud to nurture emerging creative talent.  In order to devise these pieces of theatre, make them as impactful as possible and spread their message, our BA students are looking for donations to their BA JustGiving site. Any donation, no matter how big or small, will help achieve the change they wish to make to see inclusive theatre become a reality. Thank you.