We are delighted to announce that Chickenshed is the Offie WINNER for Best Production for Young People (13+)!

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow was a brave, uplifting and powerful show and we are so proud that the Off West End Theatre Awards have recognised the value of this production.

The show sought to help us see climate change through human stories - beyond facts and figures, which can sometime leave us feeling confused and powerless. The directors and performers in the show conveyed both real and imagined experiences - challenging us in both what we believe to be true and what might be possible. Robert Swan reflected that, 'The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.' Small acts aggregate - what can each of us do so that, collectively, we can make a difference? In just over a month's time we will we will be posing this question again as we bring another poignant production to our spring slot. Combining music, movement and story, inspired and linked by the issues of mental health, 100% Chance of Rain will yet again harness the incredible creativity and artistry within Chickenshed.

Dont Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

At the core of Chickenshed is a passionate belief in bringing about positive change. We do this through the power of inclusive performance to promote and celebrate inclusion and diversity. Everybody matters, everyone has a contribution to make, and this is truly what made Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow such a successful production - because it was created for everyone, by everyone. This beautiful, collaborative production clearly demonstrates that excellence can be absolutely be achieved without exclusion.