Chickenshed’s Survivors project, which focuses on domestic abuse, has been very active in 2018. Working with women in refuges and local services in Wales, the show on the same topic, In the Absence of Silence was developed in 2016. The show has been performed alongside the workshop program to both the public and school audiences in a number of regions.

The power and impact of this project, funded by the National Lottery of Wales is huge, both in raising awareness of the subject and helping survivors to express their stories and experiences through our inclusive creative process. As always, it’s the beneficiaries of our approach that express it the best.

Case Study: Jane

Jane has two teenage daughters, one of whom is autistic and hasn’t attended school for some months. Coming to the first session of workshops was difficult for Jane, who was previously socially isolated and unable to leave the house. When she turned up and the group were doing physical theatre, she "wanted to turn around and leave". She said “I'm so glad I didn’t because I've gotten so much out of it”.

I wanted to turn around and leave, but I'm so glad I didn't because I've gotten so much out of it

She now has more friends and lots of names in her address book that she can call; ‘people who understand’Jane thinks that taking part in the workshops has been beneficial for her children too: this “has been good for the kids”’ and it’s “good for them to see me more confident and happy”.

Chickenshed is continuing to work with affected individuals and groups throughout 2018. Arad Research, a specialist impact reporting company, have produced an impressive report measuring the impact of our pioneering work in this much-needed area. We look forward to continuing to carry out these vital workshops and updating you on the process.

For more information on the impact of Survivors, please contact [email protected].