Our Spring show Blowin’ the Wind received rave reviews for tackling both historical and more recent civil rights issues with such thought-provoking and enigmatic theatre. Our audiences described it as a “serious lesson in social, racial and political history”, a true issue-based Chickenshed show, one that wholly showcased our outstanding community of inclusive talent.

From the Directors of the pieces around the Berlin Wall and Miners strike to those who inspired students to confront 50's and 60's institutional racism in Hattie Carroll and Rosa Parkes; from those who encapsulated the Black Lives Matter tragedies of institutional racism still going on, the thought leadership in this production truly enabled all of our members to learn about protest and express themselves powerfully on this subject matter.

Director of Education Paul Morrall said, “We never stop feeling privileged to have our students creating and performing such topical and moving work and we are really grateful to the many, many creators and directors who have put our young people at the centre in this way. It has let them ride a real tide of feeling that almost makes you forget how bereft and divided our politics is.”