The Rain That Washes is Back!

We are delighted to bring back The Rain That Washes for two nights only on Thursday 31 May & Friday 1 June. The events of earlier this year in Zimbabwe brought the contents of the show flooding back to us. When Christopher Maphosa (on whom the play is based), asked us to perform at a celebration of Matabele culture in Hastings, it seems that we were destined to remount this production at the most topical of times.

The Rain That Washes is inspired by Christopher’s life story of leaving his country at 14 years to join the revolution against white rule. Christopher grew up in Rhodesia and became part of the revolutionary force trying to overthrow the minority white regime of Ian Smith. He ran away to join the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU) regime and was sent to Bulgaria to be educated; he then returned to his home country as a ZAPU official. Christopher left Zimbabwe in 1987 following persecution at the hands of Mugabe’s notorious Fifth Brigade.

It has been 4 years since The Rain That Washes was last performed and 6 years since the idea for the show was first conceived. Revisiting this script in the wake of Mugabe’s fall from power has seen its relevance grow. The events of the early 80s as Zimbabwe transitioned from white minority rule seem as shocking as ever.

 Tears, sweat, laughter and cries ring out from the stage in a production that is as moving as it is tragic.

We look forward to putting on The Rain That Washes on in The Shed, one of our more intimate performance spaces, on Thursday 31 May and Friday 1 June. There will be a post-show talk on both dates where both Christopher and I will be on the panel. We look forward to seeing you.

Written by Dave Carey, Co-Creator of The Rain That Washes