This week is Volunteer’s Week. We could not continue to reach out to the people that need it the most without our volunteers and are so grateful to each and every one of them who give their time, energy and skills to change the lives of others. This week we asked some of our volunteers to share with us why it is that they support us, and what they enjoy about it. This is Jamie's story. 

I first heard about Chickenshed while looking for work experience in theatre sound engineering. I initially saw it as a good opportunity to boost my CV but it became so much more than that as I found out about the history, and present efforts of the charity. 

Phil Haines, Chickenshed’s Sound Technician, took me under his wing and immediately I began helping set up the Rayne Theatre for the Christmas show, which involved a lot of problem solving, heavy lifting and long hours! It was well worth it to see the eventual quality of the show, which I was lucky enough to watch three times from the desk as well as all of the rehearsals.


I feel as though I’ve contributed to the bigger picture of Chickenshed.


Assisting Phil has helped me learn a lot. I’ve helped to put on many memorable shows, galas and gigs, but far more importantly I feel as though I’ve contributed to the bigger picture of Chickenshed. I found myself coming back not for myself but because I wanted to play a part, albeit a small one, in helping the students and members tell their inspiring stories.There is so much talent in the building, and I’m sure that every individual I’ve seen perform will go onto great things.

I’m very thankful to Jenny, Chickenshed’s Volunteer Co-ordinator, and Phil for agreeing to take me on as a volunteer - I look forward to giving more time whenever I can in the future!

-Jamie Forester