Our Artistic Director Lou Stein is currently working with a small group of students and Young Company members to develop a new adaptation of Snow White for our Christmas Show. The sessions have been creative, imaginative and inspiring. Every fortnight, on a Thursday afternoon, ideas for themes, story and characters are being explored.

Over the past few weeks, I have been a part of the writing development team for this year's Christmas production of 'Snow White'. So far we have come up with great ideas and concepts for a completely fresh, modernised take on the classic fairytale. What I like the most about working in this small group is the fact that any idea has the potential to work; we take the time to explore these ideas, and can build on them with great ease. This way of creating also helps to inspire other ideas that may not necessarily be related to the current discussion, but still have the potential to work in the show in some way. It makes the process 'limitless' in some sense. I have learned a lot from the sessions that I have taken part in so far, and I feel very excited about the direction that this project is taking. – Sophie White, Young Company Member

The writing development team has now also expanded to include an innovative What’s App Writer’s Room, where the group are continuing to share ideas amongst themselves for the team to work on during the sessions. The last meeting saw the team explore what it means to set Snow White in the 1960s and how different groups can emerge from the story and the setting. These ideas have been shared with Will Fricker, who designed A Christmas Carol, and is now designing Snow White.

These sessions have been exciting for me personally. To be able work so closely with a cohort of our young people has not only been giving me ideas for how to approach the story, but is also giving them valuable experience as future creators and makers of inclusive theatre. We will continue to share together, online and in person, throughout the script writing process. Our Writer’s Room is an exciting innovation which I’m sure will blossom in ways that will reverberate through all of our programmes and help us continue to achieve the creative balance of being guided by our young people whilst simultaneously mentoring them – Lou Stein Artistic Director