Tales from the Shed

NYC Tales

Join the team and your best-loved puppets for a 45 minute live immersive theatrical performance. Sing and dance along to original music. Talk to your favorite character and help make the story happen!

Saturday mornings have never been this much fun!

After purchasing a ticket you will receive a secure exclusive link for your family to enjoy this unique experience.

“Doors” open at 9:45am for some pre-show entertainment. Performance begins at 10:00am.

We are committed to bringing your family a safe and secure program. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Venue: Live from Wherever You Are


Chickenshed Players

NYC CS Players

Chickenshed Players 1 (Ages 6-8)

Our theme for the Fall semester program is 'Finding Our Voice'. Each week our youngest Players will come together and take part in fun, participatory and creative sessions led by experienced Teaching Artists. Cocooned within this nurturing and safe environment the children will begin their journey of inclusive theatre making through activities involving storytelling, movement, music and puppetry. Players will also learn American Sign Language (ASL) and help shape the narrative using their original ideas to devise stories and performances.

Our high ratio of Teaching Artist to student allows for us to facilitate small group projects whilst we establish the foundations for strong relationships and sense of theatrical community.

$400 per semester (scholarships available)

Saturdays 11:00 - 11:45am | Sept 26th through Dec 19th (NO workshop on Nov 28th) | Performance on Dec 12th

Venue: Live from Wherever You Are

Chickenshed Players 2 & 3 (Ages 9-13+)

Our theme for the Fall semester program is 'Let Our Voice Be Heard'. Featuring Marvin Gaye's iconic song 'What's Going On' our Players will continue their journey, exploring and developing a range of theatrical projects that will include storytelling, music, signing and movement as its core. Supported, empowered and encouraged by the Teaching Artists our Players will be part of an inclusive creative process, nurturing their energy and enthusiasm that will culminate into a real sense of ownership over their endeavors.

Through this program our Players can continue to build and foster their relationships with their peers thus further strengthening the theatrical community that is so much part of the magic of Chickenshed!

$475 per semester (scholarships available)

Saturdays 12:30 - 1:45pm | Sept 26th through Dec 19th (NO workshop on Nov 28th) | Performance on Dec 12th

Venue: Live from Wherever You Are

New York


What is Chickenshed NYC?

Chickenshed NYC is an American cousin of London’s Chickenshed Theatre Company, which has over 40 years been the leader in creation of inclusive theatre for children of all abilities and backgrounds.

Our inaugural NYC performance at Symphony Space in April, 2018

Who We Are

  • Elaine Finkletaub President
    Elaine leads our team with more than a dozen years of experience as a Chickenshed UK parent and volunteer before relocating to New York in 2016. Elaine is also an entrepreneur.
    Contact Elaine

  • Elliot Fishman General Manager
    Elliot has more than 20 years of experience in advising and managing not-for-profit organizations, including Royal Shakespeare Company America, for which he serves as Secretary.  He has also co-produced several Broadway shows.
    Contact Elliot

  • Cyndi Steele Harrod Artistic Director
    Cyndi is an actress, teacher, director and producer and a mother of a child with mixed abilities.
    Contact Cyndi

  • Adrian Bumpas Associate Artistic Director
    Adrian is a New York-based actress and teaching artist who was born and raised in Oklahoma City. She is following her love of opening the theatre doors to children.
    Contact Adrian

  • Neil Simpson Marketing and Communications Director
    Neil is a UK based team member and has two children who are part of Chickenshed there. He has a background in advertising as a Creative Director with international advertising agencies.
    Contact Neil

  • Nathalie Ginvert Head of Special Projects
    Nathalie is a UK based team member. She is involved with Chickenshed as both a parent and a volunteer. She has a background in television production and as an event coordinator.
    Contact Nathalie

  • Olena Kushch Head of Marketing
    Olena has over 10 years of experience in advertising & marketing. She is a cross-cultural business consultant, performer and NYC mom.
    Contact Olena

  • Anastasia Brien Communications
    Anastasia is a lifelong arts enthusiast with a background in improv, dance and musical theatre. She has decades of experience as a writer in marketing, advertising, and journalism in London and the US.
    Contact Anastasia

Support Chickenshed NYC

Chickenshed NYC needs your help to bring life-changing inclusive theatre to New York.

Here are some of the ways you can help us:

  • $20 enables a financially challenged family to enjoy a TALES FROM THE SHED live immersive performance at home
  • $100 enables five financially challenged families to attend a TALES FROM THE SHED live immersive performance at home
  • $175 adds new puppets and props to our TALES FROM THE SHED cast
  • $300 pays for 2 hours of training & professional development for five of our Teaching Artists
  • $450 creates a semester scholarship for our CHICKENSHED PLAYERS program
  • $550 underwrites a morning of TALES FROM THE SHED live immersive performances for an under-served preschool
  • $600 underwrites an immersive workshop to an under-served elementary or middle school
  • $1000 underwrites a TALES FROM THE SHED song or dance video for children to enjoy at home
  • $1200 enables us to record and produce 4 songs for children to enjoy at home
  • $2500 purchases much needed audio/visual equipment to enhance our online programming
  • $5000 underwrites a series of TALES FROM THE SHED online immersive performances for a pair of preschools that might not otherwise "meet and play" together

Donate to Chickenshed NYC

Email us at [email protected] for any questions, comments or suggestions.

Chickenshed NYC operates under The American Friends of Chickenshed charity, a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization registered with EIN No. 30-0099170.

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