Chickenshed is heading to New York City!

Chickenshed NYC is bringing the UK’s renowned and fully inclusive and transformative theatrical programming to the children of New York. Chickenshed NYC will include children from all abilities and from diverse economic, cultural, and social environments. Chickenshed NYC operates under The American Friends of Chickenshed charity, a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization registered with EIN No. 30-0099170.

Pilot Demonstration Week, APRIL 23rd - 26th, 2018

During our pilot demonstration week, we plan to share Chickenshed’s vision of a society that enables everyone to flourish through the creation of outstanding, entertaining theatre that celebrates diversity and inspires positive change.

Chickenshed Changing Stages

We will offer New Yorkers the opportunity to:

  • Learn about our methods through a variety of hands-on workshops.
  • Participate in after school workshop/rehearsals and an evening Showcase performance at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at NYC’s Symphony Space.
  • Meet the US team and UK experts.

During this week, we will demonstrate Chickenshed’s inclusive methodology to local children, families, arts and cultural leaders, philanthropists, and other stakeholders to discover our unique potential to create a theatrical community for children of mixed abilities and backgrounds.

Subsequent to the Demonstration Week, Chickenshed NYC intends to launch after-school and weekend inclusive theater programs. First by sending a team of teaching artists and educator/leaders to a residential training program at London’s Chickenshed Theatre, and finally by initiating children's classes in New York city in the Fall of 2018.


The Chickenshed NYC leadership team has diverse skills and expertise:

  • Elaine Finkletaub leads our team with more than a dozen years of experience as a Chickenshed UK parent and volunteer before relocating to New York in 2016. Elaine is also an entrepreneur. Contact Elaine.
  • Elliot Fishman combines a legal background with more than 20 years of expertise in working with not-for-profit organizations, particularly those with relationships to overseas organizations. Contact Elliot.
  • Michael Kurzrok is a parent with longtime involvement in the performing arts. He has a business background in finance and real estate. Contact Michael.
  • Cyndi Steele Harrod is an actress, teacher, director and producer, and a mother of a child with mixed abilities. Contact Cyndi.
  • Nathalie Ginvert is a UK based team member. Nathalie is involved with Chickenshed as both a parent and a volunteer. She has a background in television production and as an event coordinator. Contact Nathalie.

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Chickenshed Changing Stages performance   Chickenshed performance
Chickenshed NYC operates under The American Friends of Chickenshed charity, a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization registered with EIN No. 30-0099170.