Pay for a Day

Your generosity can help to protect Chickenshed for the future - giving us security and strengthening our sustainability on order to reach thousands more children and young people from across London – providing them access to a safe and welcoming environment where they can reach their potential, regardless of background or ability.

I go through difficult times but they support me, talk me through the bad times. My mentor has been a great influence on my life, if it wasn’t for them I don’t know where I would be. Chickenshed has changed my life for good. - Adam, Student at Chickenshed

For many of the young people who come through the doors, Chickenshed is a lifeline. Many of them wear labels which range from the visible to the invisible. They might have complex medical needs, come from a disadvantaged background, identify as transgender or have mental or behavioural problems.

As an example – for 60% of the young people we enrol in our Education programmes, we are the only institution who can welcome them.  Many of these students have never had an education before, because their situation was deemed too complex for mainstream schools or colleges to support. But with all these disadvantages, with all these perceived challenges, our courses still have a 95% retention rate.

Your help will give them a chance to succeed. Because at Chickenshed it doesn’t matter if you are in a wheelchair. It doesn’t matter if you have cerebal palsy. It doesn’t matter if you come from a council estate in Tottenham. When you come through the doors at Chickenshed, you are a talented and valuable perfomer. You are just as gifted as anyone else on that stage. You are full of potential. You matter.

Our donors are credited in programmes and on our website as well as receiving invitations to special events and performances throughout the year. You can choose the specific ‘day’ or week’ that you wish to sponsor, where you can join us for a tour of the building and see the impact of your gift first-hand.

£10,958 give a leadership gift and help Chickenshed to run for a day

£76,712 give a leadership gift and help Chickenshed to run for a full week


For more information on Pay for a Day, please contact us by e-mail or phone 020 8216 2771.