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After graduating from drama school in 1998, I embarked on a diverse career journey. I spent a few years working as an actor, singer, and drama facilitator. In an interesting turn, I even worked as a celebrity nanny for a period of time. Seeking new experiences, I travelled overseas and had the opportunity to work as an entertainer. Later, I took on the role of Head of Entertainment for Airtours/My Travel holidays in Cyprus.

Upon returning to the UK, I transitioned into the field of recruitment and began managing high-level consultancy roles. Through hard work and dedication, I progressed to become a divisional director and eventually ran a startup agency in Slough.

In January 2012, my life took a transformative turn when I became a volunteer creative arts practitioner for Chickenshed Kensington & Chelsea's Children's Theatre and Outreach Hospital programme. It was a remarkable experience that immediately resonated with me, and I knew I had found something truly special. I eagerly awaited the perfect role, and in due time, it presented itself. In 2016, I joined the fundraising team at Chickenshed and since then, I have never looked back.

Working at Chickenshed has had a profound impact on my life. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, and I am grateful to be part of something so wonderful. I feel immensely blessed to contribute to the organisation's mission and be surrounded by such a vibrant and inspiring community.

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