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Jane Rayne Lacey (Trustee since 24.09.92 /Founder Member and Director) was President of Trustees until her daughter Natasha took over in 2013. Lady Rayne Lacey, with her family and in particular her late husband, Lord Rayne, helped to turn our dreams into reality when we opened our own theatre in Southgate. 'Max and I got such lumps in our throats,' she says, 'when we first saw the children of Chickenshed performing in a church hall in Whetstone in 1987 - we felt they just had to have their own permanent home.' Jane continues to support us with the annual Fundraising Gala (now Chaired by Natasha), which has taken place every year since 1989 in the autumn. 'I love the inclusivity, the energy, and the originality that the children always display,' she says. 'Chickenshed makes their world, and the whole world, a better place.' Jane is also a Patron & Trustee of The Rayne Foundation and Trustee of the Jerusalem Foundation.

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