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I have been developing and producing Children's, Youth, and Community Theatre for over twenty years at Chickenshed. During this time, I have played a key role in the creation of more than forty performances and numerous other projects and festivals. The process of initiating, planning, and creating theatre opportunities for young people, both with and for them, lies at the core of my work. As the Head of the Young Company, I am consistently exploring fresh approaches to engage young people throughout every stage of the creative process.

My role also encompasses the task of identifying opportunities to collaborate with other theatre professionals and companies, ensuring that our work remains outward-looking and receptive to novel concepts and methodologies. Our partnerships with young companies such as Shared Experience, Cardboard Citizens, Phosphoros, and Tarunya in Dhaka, Bangladesh, have led to collaborative projects that have enriched our own practices.

Furthermore, as an active member of the Participatory Arts London Network steering group, I frequently collaborate with peers and colleagues from various arts organisations, facilitating the exchange of best practices.

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