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My name is Maya and I have been a part of Chickenshed since the age of 8. I remember walking through the doors of Chickenshed for the first time and feeling like a small fish in a big pond of magic.

I grew up within our Children’s Theatre - dressing up in colourful, crazy costumes and singing my heart out on stage. During my time in Youth Theatre, I have taken part in various projects and performances which helped me find passion in performance and writing. Being a part of youth-led productions allowed me to grow my confidence on and off stage as a performer, facilitator and leader.I have since trained with Chickenshed and other theatre companies in directorial and facilitation roles. As a creative member of staff, I have worked within our Youth Theatre and Young Company. I have written, directed and performed in various shows. I am actively engaged in creating equal, diverse and inclusive spaces in our education and outreach streams. I hope to inspire, support and encourage young people in their creative journeys and be a springboard for their artistic discoveries.

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