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Pickled Limes  by Cathy Jansen-Ridings

Just one of nine pieces combined to form monolog 3, our new selection of fresh writing from within the Chickenshed community. Showing at Chickenshed from 11 to 22 February.

Marion is angry with Patrick, her husband of thirty years. She’s also irritated, exasperated and just plain vexed. Never short of a pithy phrase or two, she articulates her frustrations with increasingly lurid and convoluted metaphors as she drinks glass after glass of red wine.

As the level of alcohol in the bottle descends, Marion goes for broke, flinging all manner of home truths at her silent partner and getting progressively more pickled as the evening goes on. Everything about Patrick annoys her. His obsessions with organic fruit growing, politics, his best friend, Bob, and his refusal to engage with Marion on any emotional subject. But is this the full story? Who is Marion really angry with?

A tragicomedy about grievances, frustration and love in a long-term relationship.

Performed by Julie Wood | Directed by Beth Fox