We want as many people as possible to experience our inclusive approach to theatre. We wish to create and promote a wider and deeper understanding of inclusive theatre practice within the performing arts provision in the UK and beyond, which is why we created ShedLink, an inclusive theatre training programme. Established in 2000, ShedLink has helped to create 19 'Sheds' in the UK, two in Russia and one in Finland. 

Through ShedLink, we help establish theatre groups led by artistic leaders trained in the Chickenshed inclusive creative method which then progress to independence. Each Shed develops its own direction but remains associated with Chickenshed through a shared vision of inclusive theatre, its philosophy and practice.

ShedLink is a network of independent Sheds working with the Chickenshed inclusive creative method. Each Shed has its own Children’s & Youth Theatre groups and some have gone on to establish an Adult Company, schools outreach work and early years activities.

How to set up a Shed

The overall aim of the ShedLink Programme is to set up, through training, an exciting, vibrant, inclusive organisation comprising a Children’s Theatre group, (7 - 11 year olds), a Youth Theatre group (11 - 16 year olds) and an Adult Company (16+ years).

Each Shed is unique – created by Chickenshed with the support of the local community through a ‘Lead Organisation’. A Lead Organisation could be:

  • A local authority or business who wish to regenerate a specific area
  • A primary and secondary schools looking to make stronger links
  • A group of parents wishing to make inclusion a priority for their community
  • An individual with the necessary vision and motivation to make things happen.

All of these models can and have led to the establishment of successful Sheds. For all of our partners, the ShedLink Programme becomes a catalyst for change, and delivering inclusion, community cohesion and excellence in the performing arts.

The ‘Lead Organisation’ we work with must share our passionate belief in the right of every individual to have access to the performing arts, and will recognize the tangible benefits that this can bring to the wider community.

The next essential element is the ability to secure the funding to train local arts practitioners in the Chickenshed inclusive creative method.

If you would like to discuss setting up your own Shed, please complete our application form or get in touch to find out more.

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Find your nearest Shed

The two Sheds in Russia are ShedEvrika in St. Petersburg and Taganka Shed in Moscow. ShedEvrika roughly translates as ‘little masterpiece’ in Russian and Taganka is a district in Moscow where we have worked with Taganka Children's Fund to establish Children's and Youth Theatre groups.

Sheds in the UK