The Space Between Us Programme began as a pilot project in 2017 and was born out of the desire to bring together a group that crossed generations, from all sides of society and developed a creative platform to have conversations, explore histories and devise theatre together. This project culminated in a performance, We All Have Stories, as part of the Young Company New Routes Festival, July 2018, in Chickenshed’s Rayne Theatre.

The response from participants and audience supported the belief that the processes involved in this project could be of benefit in a range of environments where social cohesion was a goal, so it was at this point that ‘The Space Between Us’ pilot project evolved into a flexible outreach programme which encourages individuals to come together to explore their personal stories and experiences in a safe, supportive space through performing arts. Taking ideas and outputs from initial conversational sessions and workshops,  an emotive and thought-provoking piece of theatre is developed that prompts society to think about that ‘Space Between Us’ and how community can be a catalyst for improved social cohesion and mental wellbeing.

Using this framework, the particular route and focus of any specific project can be tailored to respond to the priorities of any partner organisation or participant group.

This project feels vital, particularly at a time when all strands of society have been encouraged to see each other as the problem.  Just joining together feels like a revolutionary act!

- Participant from The Space Between Us Project 2017/18

Getting involved with this project has been the most inspiring, uplifting experience I have had for years, it has made me feel alive again

- The Space Between Us Participant, 2017/18

Contact details

For further information please contact Rachel Yates, Creative Director of The Space Between Us Programme, [email protected]


Living Letters

Living Letters is an inspirational eight week letter-writing project, bringing together vulnerable and isolated older people with members of our Young Company.

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Space Between Us Project

Space Between Us Programme Trailer

These Hands | A Space Between Us Short Film

Recent Space Between Us Projects

The Barbican - April 2019 - Liminal Space

100% Chance of Rain - March 2019 

Lewisham Creative Aging Festival - October 2019

We All Have Stories - July 2018

Participant Feedback

"Thank you for making me believe my age is not my ability, I have found new depths and I am delighted, this project has brought joy back into my life"

"It’s taken me back. I remember that. And I remember how that feels. And I am determined to feel like that again and I feel like that in this show… And I haven’t felt like that… in many years. I couldn’t put a price on that."

"I just wanted to say that was one of the most inspiring and moving things that I have ever seen. And I’m going to leave tonight thinking a lot about how I feel about myself. So thank you so much."

"I Just wanted to say how much I was blown away by the wonderful collaborative and moving performances of all the stories, confidences and thoughts shared by everyone over the past year  - brought to life.    The trust shared was palpable and so moving."

"This opportunity is just something I didn’t think would ever happen to me."

"Being with each other and performing together gives you confidence and if you feel confident and there are people around you supporting you, it works."

"I am so in awe of what you have created, your imagination, enthusiasm and belief is astounding….this is illlustrating the true philosophy of Chickenshed - the intergenerational coming together, acknowledging the strengths and depths and no barriers. We truly have no SPACE BETWEEN US."

Outreach Feedback

A massive thank you for your work yesterday to make our Community View a success. People were really engaged throughout the event, and left with lots of smiling faces! I hope this will be the start of future possibilities!
- Beth Warnock Community Engagement Manager Barbican / Guildhall School of Music & Drama

Well done to Rachel Yates whose workshop was absolutely outstanding. To hold a room of so many people in such an active and receptive way was really something to see. It was a true privilege to be in the room and see that amount of skill and energy so well communicated. - Hector Dyer

It was very special to see you run that workshop and the constant sense of creativity and joy you fostered in the room. We're so grateful to you for all the preparation and the dynamic way you led everyone through that space, 3 hours and everyone was absolutely loving it! We were all saying how amazing it is to be part of a workshop where the experience of the participants is so clearly thought through - the timing, constant pace of involvement and supportive environment had such a fab effect on what came out of it. - Liminal Space

It was genuinely one of the warmest, smoothest and most well-integrated workshops we've ever taken part in so we totally doff our caps to you. It felt like a really inclusive and encouraging atmosphere and the group really had a chance to properly engage with each other without ever feeling under pressure to perform or being made to contribute anything that they didn't feel comfortable with - and the variety of stories and perspectives that came out of that was really beautiful. It was honestly an exemplary session and a total pleasure to take part in. - David McDonagh– Flourishing Lives

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