The Space Between Us Programme began as a pilot project in 2017 and was born out of the desire to bring together a group that crossed generations, from all sides of society and developed a creative platform to have conversations, explore histories and devise theatre together. This project culminated in a performance, We All Have Stories, as part of the Young Company New Routes Festival, July 2018, in Chickenshed’s Rayne Theatre.

The response from participants and audience supported the belief that the processes involved in this project could be of benefit in a range of environments where social cohesion was a goal, so it was at this point that ‘The Space Between Us’ pilot project evolved into a flexible outreach programme which encourages individuals to come together to explore their personal stories and experiences in a safe, supportive space through performing arts. Taking ideas and outputs from initial conversational sessions and workshops,  an emotive and thought-provoking piece of theatre is developed that prompts society to think about that ‘Space Between Us’ and how community can be a catalyst for improved social cohesion and mental wellbeing.

Using this framework, the particular route and focus of any specific project can be tailored to respond to the priorities of any partner organisation or participant group.

This project feels vital, particularly at a time when all strands of society have been encouraged to see each other as the problem.  Just joining together feels like a revolutionary act!

- Participant from The Space Between Us Project 2017/18

Getting involved with this project has been the most inspiring, uplifting experience I have had for years, it has made me feel alive again

- The Space Between Us Participant, 2017/18

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For further information please contact Rachel Yates, Creative Director of The Space Between Us Programme, [email protected]


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