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This course will look at the importance of having an open channel of communication and how this relates to managing and being part of a high functioning team. By taking part in role plays and drama exercises you will gain a new insight into communicating with a range of people. Through working as a valuable member of the team, you will learn how to lead a team where everyone’s contributions are equally valued.

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  • What we mean by communication and why we need to adopt different methods
  • The importance of inclusive communication and how Chickenshed approaches it
  • Working together, learning together and creating a dynamic team environment for improved results
  • Introducing diversity to your team and understanding the importance and benefits

Delivery Outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of open and honest communication
  • Building empathy for ‘others’ within your team and fostering trust
  • Understanding of how to build a team and use every members skills for the best
  • Greater understanding of the role minority segments can play in a team

A full demonstration of how Chickenshed practices Teamwork and Communication

"It was truly inspiring - and, of course, it served to bring the guys together emotionally as an effective working group, not simply individuals on a course."    

Professor, London Business School

Pricing and Structure

This course can be done as a one day or half day course at our purpose built theatre or at venue of your choosing.

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For more details on the layout of the day, pricing or to book please e-mail or call on 020 8216 2784.

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